i am...

Pretty weirded out by writing about myself for the purposes of this website.

I am an industrial designer, design strategist, and hardware developer. I started off my adult life studying politics and realized that all the things that I loved about political systems are actually things that I love about design (communication strategies, systems in general, etc.) so I decided to start over at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Industrial Design Department. During that time, I freelanced for companies around the Boston area. After graduating as a older-than-average student in my second go-around, I felt like taking a whack at making it on my own so I started Interval, A Design Company, Inc. In early 2016, I closed Interval and joined AVID Products, Inc. where I developed products and services for the company in exchange for their promise to regularly deposit cash into my bank account. It's a pretty sweet gig, you should try it out.

When I'm designing something new, I try to adhere to the following:

  1. Locate the hidden potential in people and brands by discovering causal relationships and desires.
  2. Spread enlightenment via collaborative involvement to ensure strong decision-making.
  3. Grow new products and their companies.
  4. Highlight core strengths to create lasting impressions.

To discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom email me at marco {dot} c {dot} cross {at} gmail {dot} com.